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What may the restrictions and prohibitions government impose to tackle difficulties of flat buyers or small investors of plotting schemes . Such scams and scandals rock the country on regular basis. Builders and project proponents of plotting schemes find loopholes in laws and regulations, play different tricks, play with the words, give deceptive promises and so on. They run scams like selling proposed N-A Plots, Villa plots, farmhouses, affordable housing, double your money by investing in plotting or plantation schemes etc. They never fulfil promises they give to flat buyers. They appoint smart staff and agents. Most of the time staff and agents get paid more than what they deserve and hence they don’t hesitate to deceive own relatives or acquaintances.

It is not the case that government official don’t understand or don’t know such cases but they hand in glove with promoters of such schemes and land mafias turn their eyes blind. For buyers or small investors finding the difference between right or wrong is always difficult. They do not understand how to move forward if there is a problem with the project they have invested money or bought a flat. So what is the remedy ?.

One should always take ample care before investing in any scheme. Discuss it before &  after investing in it. But basic problem for buyers or small investors of such schemes are always scared and scattered. They do not dare to ask anything to builders or promoters of such schemes.  To discuss such matters we introduce VIJAYKUMBHAR.COM a project specific discussion forum. In this forum members are supposed to share the information and discuss regarding that specific real estate project only. That will help proposed or existing buyers to find out the truth, factual problems of specific real estate projects and to decide the future course of action if any.


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